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Teacher & Web Enthusiast

I'm Laurent Haan, a computer science teacher and a web aficionado — Programming is one of my favorite hobbies and I enjoy creating websites that have a meaningful purpose and a pleasing design. I strive to communicate my passion for programming to my students.
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Recent projects


I used Midjourney to generate images for my website content. I found this medium article to be particularly helpful in achieving good results.

Drawing of robot painting

I utilized to generate a set of avatars for my website. Overall the avatars bear a stronger resemblance to the reference selfies when compared to those created by Midjourney.

Drawing of a robot sculpting a marble head bust of a man

Configuration of mod_auth_mellon

I configured the Apache module mod_auth_mellon to protect the SMS portal of LGK by authenticating the user using the CGIE as IdP. Users can now login with their IAM account.

Drawing of a runic elven door

ChatGPT & Bing's Chat AI

I used ChatGPT and Bing's Chat AI to generate short summaries of my work by submitting a rough draft and refining the output generated.

Drawing of a robot writing poetry on a paper

SMS Portal

I developed a one-page website for the LGK using PHP, MySQL, jQuery and jQuery UI. This website empowers the administration to send SMS messages to a particular group of students or teachers.

Drawing of a letter flying outwards from a single point and reaching every person on the entire planet

Infinity mirror

I successfully constructed an Arduino-controlled infinity mirror, which uses a one-way mirror and LED lights to create the illusion of an endlessly repeating space.

Drawing of an infinity mirror

Word clock

I built from scratch an Arduino-controlled QLOCKTWO replica, which uses 114 LEDs to light up specific words that indicate the current time.

Drawing of a clock without hands and displaying the time with words


I developed lightbot, an online puzzle game that is designed to teach basic programming concepts. The objective is to use programming logic to guide a small robot to light up all the blue squares on the board.

Drawing of a robot with a light in its hand

Buoy Lights

I created a website that emulates various lights found on sailing buoys. It proved to be valuable for the GLCR's theoretical sailing classes.

Drawing of a light on top of a buoy